Fit with the Ontario Government’s “Domestic Violence Action Plan For Ontario (2005)”

The DRIVEN Clinic “one-stop shopping” model of service fits seamlessly with the Ontario Government’s “Domestic Violence Action Plan for Ontario (2005)”.

This action plan states;

  • “Our government will not tolerate domestic violence, but it is clear that we cannot truly be effective unless the entire community makes it a priority. We have to take domestic violence out of the shadows and bring the full power of public censure to bear.”
  • “Violence against women requires a holistic response. It is a social issue, an employment issue, a housing issue, a child care issue, an education issue, a health issue, a community safety issue, a justice issue, and more. The lives of women do not conform to boundaries among programs, ministries, agencies, institutions or levels of government. Efforts must be made to coordinate within and across sectors to create an integrated continuum of supports.”
  • “Partnerships are needed between and among governments, advocacy groups, corporations, charitable foundations, community organizations, educational institutions, neighbors, friends and family, and others to improve public understanding and to help change attitudes and behaviors that lead to violence against women.”
  • “Victim safety is achieved by establishing working networks within the domestic violence community services”
  • “Sustained, long-term commitment by government and its partners is needed to end violence against women”.