Take Back The Night


An early evening family walk with guest speakers, refreshments, and entertainment!

Take Back the Night walks started in Germany in 1973. Five years later, in 1978, the first US walk occurred in San Francisco and the first Canadian walk was held in Vancouver. Historically the walks were women only, protesting the high risk of violence women faced even trying to walk alone at night. The walks have evolved as public awareness of the issue of violence has evolved.

Today we understand that violence in our community is everyone’s concern, and therefore we invite women, men, teens and children to all walk together. And we understand that, although our primary focus at Bethesda House is domestic violence and woman abuse, no type of violence against anyone is tolerable in or community.


Beautiful, historic downtown Bowmanville


3rd Tuesday in September at 6 to 8 pm at the Royal Canadian Legion Parking lot in Bowmanville. Specific date to come!


The walk allows us to come together as individuals and families saying loud & clear that we intend for Clarington to be a safe community for all.


  • Come join us for the walk! Bring family, friends, the family dog!
  • Donate toward the costs of holding the walk.
  • Volunteer to assist at the walk (refreshment booth, entertainment, set up and take down, etc.)

For more Information please contact 905-697-3700 ext. 301 or
email  outreachmgr_bethesda@rogers.com