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principals of service

We Believe

  • that we are accountable to our clients, the changing needs of our community, and our funding bodies
  • in utilizing a collaborative approach to identify needs and develop high quality services, working in partnership with our community
  • in taking pro-active measures to maintain funding from a variety of sources and in running a cost effective organization
  • in providing a positive, fair and equitable working environment
  • in hiring high quality staff and volunteers who reflect the racially and ethnically diverse community we serve
    in valuing volunteers as an integral part of our agency

Acting On These Beliefs We Will

  • provide respectful and effective support programs that assist women, youth and children in making positive changes in their futures
  • provide community education and awareness of women’s issues including prevention of abuse against women, youth and children
  • provide services which are free from all forms of discrimination based on social status, age, ethnic origin, familial status, sexual orientation, race, culture, religion, mental and physical abilities, etc.
  • advocate for positive changes in the law, the administration of justice, and political policies at all levels of government in the area of women’s issues and needs
  • pursue funding to meet the goals and needs of the Corporation as a non-profit organization
  • recruit, train and co-ordinate volunteers within the Corporation
  • be the VAW employer of choice, recruiting, hiring and maintaining high quality, knowledgeable, satisfied and inspired staff