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How You Can Help!

Would you like to put a smile on the faces and in the hearts of the women, youth, and children living in the Bethesda House shelter?

  • Are you a musician who would enjoy entertaining the residents, or hosting sing-alongs for the children?
  • Are you an artist who could be available to facilitate art classes with the women and/or children?
  • Do you have another talent that could bring joy into the shelter?

If so…contact [email protected]

1. Volunteers coming into the shelter are required to submit an
acceptable police check and references.
2. Bethesda House does not provide clinical or direct support volunteer
opportunities working directly with the residents in shelter.

Do you have expertise that could be helpful, broadening the range of supports available to the women and their families?

  • Are you an animal groomer willing to provide free baths to dogs living in shelter
    with their families, or grooming them or clipping their nails, etc?
  • Are you a hairdresser interested in offering free basic cuts to shelter residents
    when needed?
  • Do you have other expertise / services that the women, youth, children and their pets might benefit from?

If so…contact [email protected]

Are you interested in being a part of a dedicated team of women and men who help us keep our “Second Chance” store open, enabling us to provide clothing for clients-in-need and bring in revenue to help cover the cost of the services we provide?

  • Can you commit to a few hours per week or month, to help with sorting donations, stocking the store, providing customer service, etc.?

If so…contact [email protected]

Store volunteers are required to submit an acceptable police check and references. 

Can you help us with all those miscellaneous tasks that need to be done every so often?

Could you be available, periodically, to help with odd jobs such as grass cutting,
doing pick-ups and deliveries, snow shoveling, gardening, and even helping with
our fund-raising events?

**don’t worry, we have a lawn mower 🙂

If so…contact [email protected]

Is your interest more along the line of becoming a member of the Bethesda House Board of Directors?

If so…contact [email protected]
Please attach a cover letter and resume.

We would love to have you join our great team of volunteers!